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Foldable Play Mat

  • SAFE BABY PLAY MAT: il tappeto gioco Meqbem soddisfa le norme Europee sulla sicurezza dei giocattoli CE.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAXIMUM PRACTICALITY: our baby mat is foldable, light and you can effortlessy fold and unfold it in few seconds. You can easily move and temporarily store it for housekeeping in no time at all. Mat’s surface is waterproof and can be cleaned using a damp cloth or sanitizing wipes.
  • DESIGN ON BOTH SIDES/UNISEX: the mat is soft and pleasant to the touch and it features reversible colored designs on both sides, suitable for both males and females. Our mat insulates from the floor reducing the falling/banging noises of objects while playing, really useful to not disturb the neighbors.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: our mat have non-slip textures with numbers and alphabet letters. Safe support for crawling, sensory and visual stimulus for learning and play, excellent to be ued as a base for baby gyms, our mat will  support your baby in all the stages of growth.
  • OPTIMIZED THICKNESS: [175x155x0.8 cm] high thicknesses mats (1,5-2cm) deform too much under child’s feet, not helping with balancing duringthe first steps phase. The Meqbem play mat has a thickness and material designed to ensure at the same time maximum shock absorption and perfect support for the first steps phase. Our mat is featured with a handy bag to let you comfortably store it optimizing space or carry it with you for day trips.

Maximum Safety For Growth And Fun

Meqbem for Kids mission is to make your children growth path safe and fun.
Our first goal is to provide products of the highest quality and safety through practical and innovative
solutions that makes everyday life easier.
We want to guarantee you to be free to have fun and stimulate your baby sensorial development.
Wherever you want to play with your babys, Meqbem for Kids products will be there with you.

And remember, enjoy your time with your children!


Safety – CE Certifications

The Meqbem baby mat is tested in Italy in accordance with the European CE regulations on the toys safety for children from 0 years upwards, among which:

– Mechanical / chemical tests (EN71-1,2,3)

– Chemical tests (REACH)

– Dir. 2017/898/EU (Bisphenol A [BPA])

Product Technical Data

  • Material: High quality XPE foam
  • Dimensions: 175x155x0.8 cm
  • Weight: 900 g
  • Double Face Design
  • High strength welded joints
  • Non-slip texture with raised letters and numbers
  • Travel bag supplied
  • Made in China
Convenience – Optimized Dimensions

The dimensions are optimized to make the mat usable for both apartments and large rooms, offering playground space for children and parents. The mat material has the right thickness to cushion shocks and falls.

Quality Materials: XPE foam

Inner layer in soft and durable XPE foam. Non-toxic ink and protective surface layer.

High Strength Welded Joints

Maximum hygiene, unlike the stitched edges in which difficult to remove dirt residues can rack up under the sewings.

Convenient Layered Folding

Pre-marked folds to ease fold / unfold operations. You can do it in less than 10 seconds!

Travel handy bag supplied

Practical bag with handles and zip. You can bring it with you everywhere!

Advantages of the modular fold: useful use in every room of the house!


When fully unfolded it offers a large playing surface, perfect for games rooms and living rooms


If partially folded it adapts to smaller rooms such as children's bedrooms


If partially folded on the long side it can be used as a bedside protection


During the bath it can be used as a support on the shower / tub for mom and dad knees!

Use the mat printed ruler to take pictures of your baby's every month / growth anniversary and you'll have cute memories forever!


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